An Insider Look at the America’s Got Talent Auditions

STEP 1: Register Online

Talent in LIne

Registration Line

A lot of people want to know what their audition day for America's Got Talent will be like. It may be a very long day, but one you might never forget, especially if you're the one that walks away with the million-dollar prize.

Step number one is to register for your city and pick the day of your audition. It's not mandatory to register, but it does allow us to keep you up to date on important information, like where to park, where to enter the venue, etc. Typically we are open from 8am to 7pm, and you can come anytime. Next up you should look over the paperwork. If your able to sign in electronically you will save time on your audition day.

Next you should start to prepare for your audition. You get up to 90 seconds to perform and we have some really helpful advice on our Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. The bottom line is you want to be original and stand out from the crowd. Now you just got to wait it out until your audition day.

STEP 2: Arrive at Venue

Chase putting wristband on woman

Chase handing out wristbands

When you arrive at the venue you're going to look for a member of our staff who will give you two very important items: A wristband and an audition number.

That number will determine the order that you are auditioned. It's very important you do not lose your number or wristband, otherwise you'll be sent all the way back to the end of the line again to get a new number.

Also keep in mind the lines may be long. We never know exactly how many people will show up, so please dress warm. You should consider this an ALL DAY COMMITMENT.


STEP 3: Check In

Test Check In
The next step is the on-site check-in desk. Even if you registered online, you'll need to check in. It’s here you’ll submit your paperwork and show your Photo ID. Everyone in your act needs to fill out the paperwork, and it’s a lot better to download it right now, read it over carefully, and fill it out at home, than outside on the street. Even better, electronically sign it at home before you come. We'd hate for you to wait in line, then get to the check in and not have what you need, so read the paperwork section carefully.

If you are a minor and you're coming without your parent or legal guardian, please fill out this special paperwork beforehand. If a minor is coming to support a family member or friend and is NOT auditioning, you will still need to fill out the special minor paperwork or else they will not be allowed inside. Please make sure it is filled out completely and notarized before entering the venue. For instance, if a coach or instructor is bringing a bunch of minors to the audition, every single minor needs their own special minor paperwork. So once again, any person under 18 coming into the venue will need to bring their COMPLETED special minor paperwork, notarized form, and some sort of identification.

STEP 4: Show Us Your Talent

After submitting your paperwork and showing us your ID at our check-in desk, you'll be headed to our holding/rehearsal room. You'll see our cameras shooting in and around the holding room. These are the shots we use in the audition episodes.

It's in the holding room where you will wait until an audition room opens up. When it is your turn, we will call your audition number. Remember to keep that audition number with you at all times.

You may wait a long time, so feel free to bring something or someone to keep you company, or make some new friends while you wait. We have different types of audition rooms for different talent. You'll be sent to the best room for your act.

Your supporters will wait in the holding room until your audition is over.

So register today and we look forward to seeing you on our tour for talent. There would be no show without you!